The fully customized Social Platform for communication and online sales

We provide powerful communication, promotion or sales tools to users of your Platform.

AreaSocial gives you the possibility to communicate, manage and involve a community or a base of users in a personalized way and according to your needs

AreaSocial™ is your tailor made Social Platform

Do you want a customized Social Platform just for you, with all the necessary tools to grow your community and increase the sales of your products and services online?
We create a tailor-made international marketplace just for you!

Boost your network with proven affiliate dynamics and scale your business idea by earning a commission on all economic transactions generated within it.

Customer loyalty

Do you want to enhance the loyalty of your customers, employees, and collaborators?

We leverage our decade-long experience to create a practical and fast Social Platform, where all users are more engaged thanks to powerful gamification dynamics and an excellent user experience.

Cost saving

Would you like to significantly reduce your Marketing and Communication expenses?

Through innovative and incentivizing interaction systems, your users will become the Ambassadors of your Company. Your message will be more authentic, organic, and viral, and you’ll save up to 64% on marketing and advertising expenses.

Business growth

Do you have an association and want to increase the number of members?

With AreaSocial™ you can reach people all around the world, keep them consistently informed about your initiatives, and raise funds through voluntary donations and membership subscriptions.

With AreaSocial™, you can increase the number of subscribers by up to 265% within 3 months.


Customize the Social Platform and tailor it to the needs of your Community and Company.

100% Control

Manage users and all internal dynamics of your Platform, thoroughly and with full control.


Foster greater user engagement through powerful Gamification and Social Communication tools


Expand communication possibilities and make your message go viral with proven integrated marketing systems

Sales and Donations

Earn with tools for selling goods and services, accepting free donations, and offering subscriptions to exclusive content areas

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Engaging, Customizable, and Scalable

Our Social Platforms are designed to be highly engaging and adapt to the needs of all your clients Through the integration of distinct modules, you will have wide customization and addition possibilities for new features, without ever experiencing any service interruptions
All the tools at your disposal have already been tested and will follow your company’s growth, whether you want to offer services locally or reach millions of users worldwide

With AreaSocial, you can create your customized platform

Social and Community

Users can connect and follow each other, publish posts and shareable multimedia content on their channel and in social feeds

Fundraising and Donations

Members can gather donations on their content or channels.

Sales Tools

Ability to sell products and services with an integrated payment processor. Shop, Membership, and Marketplace functionalities

Marketing and Automations

Automated marketing flows through emails and push notifications for re-engagement and customer retention


Offer Playful experiences that enhance user engagement, increase visits, and boost retention rates

Private encrypted video calls

High-quality, low-latency video communication tools without the need for installations or plugins

Video Meetings and Webinars

Broadcast Live and multi-user public or private Webinars with the option of event recording for replay

Referrals and Affiliations

Reward members for referral activities on sign-ups, product promotion, or actions you find meaningful

SEO-optimized pages

Channels and pages can also be viewed outside the platform and are designed to be extremely fast and optimized for search engines

User Management and Backoffice

You can fully control and manage every aspect related to users and published content. Profiles, content moderation, and management of financial transactions


Simplify content consumption in international contexts with instant automatic translation capabilities and a native language interface

Custom Interface

Option to customize the visual theme of the entire platform and extensive opportunities for users to personalize their profiles, channels, and pages


AreaSocial™ allows you to integrate powerful pre-built functions essential for the development and growth of your Community

Some examples of AreaSocial™ on the web

ASD PinkSoccer

Passion for women’s soccer.

ASD PinkSoccer (Amateur Sports Association) is born to promote the game of soccer targeting the female audience and offering courses aimed at girls and young women. The association has chosen AreaSocial™ to support its activities and give members a platform where they can share the activities of the team and its players.

Radio Vitamina

Only quality independent music

Radio Vitamina is a web radio that wants to introduce everyone to quality independent music that has no space on traditional networks. Radio Vitamina has chosen AreaSocial™ to manage its Community and integrate its Social communication.


The law portal that speaks the language of the citizen

The reference point for online legal information, assistance and legal advice. Lexart has chosen AreaSocial™ to manage client/professional consultations thanks to the secure environment and encrypted video communications.


For lovers of Furniture and Home Decor

The platform connects professionals and enthusiasts by collecting ideas, reviews, guides and news in the furniture sector. Furnitur has chosen AreaSocial™ to give its users a practical and easy-to-use space to publish ideas and inspirations and to connect those looking for or offering skills or solutions for furnishing an environment.


The Social Platform dedicated to the monetization of passions, talents and skills

Cam.TV is the platform that supports and empowers digital content creators, professionals, and SMEs, providing them with simple and reliable tools and solutions for managing their online presence. The platform implements the full range of functionalities offered by AreaSocial™.

Discover the new features and everything you can do with AreaSocial

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