Public Contributions

Finance your project through public contributions

We provide assistance for accessing regional, national, and European grants and help you find the necessary funds for the development of your entrepreneurial project, aiming to minimize your personal financial commitment.

Our assistance starts with identifying all available incentives and goes on to collect the necessary documentation for the application process, guiding the entrepreneur through all legally required steps.

Our goal is to build a trustworthy relationship with our clients and assist them throughout their growth journey. That’s why we work on a "success fee" basis, and we continue until the entrepreneur has obtained the necessary contributions to start their business.

With AreaSocial™ you will be able to:
  • Easily access all regional, national, and European grants available for your sector
  • Obtain non-repayable contributions, up to 70%, to fund your project
  • Secure preferential and zero-interest rate contributions
  • Obtain tax credits and State-Guaranteed financing
Incentives for new businesses

Starting a new entrepreneurial project is always financially demanding and risky. For entrepreneurs without sufficient assets to offer as collateral, access to bank credit has become nearly impossible. To solve this issue, AreaSocial™ provides its clients with a comprehensive assistance service to access all public incentives designed for the establishment of new digital companies, specifically targeting:

  • Innovative startups
  • Companies formed by individuals under 36 years of age
  • Companies primarily established by women
  • Companies with operational headquarters in the southern regions of Italy

Finance your project with public contributions

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Promote your Crowdfunding financing campaign

Crowdfunding is an exceptional tool for financing entrepreneurial projects by collecting funds from a large number of investors. Unlike traditional financing methods that involve seeking engagement from large institutions and capital, crowdfunding aims to find supporters among small and medium donors or groups of non-professional investors who participate "from the ground up" to support a company or project.

Usually, funding is organized through dedicated online platforms specialized in this activity, although it’s certainly possible to organize and manage your own campaign "in-house."

Going into more detail, there are several types of Crowdfunding that mainly differ based on the modes of remuneration in return for the contributed amount:


With this type of financing, voluntary donations are made to allow the entrepreneur to realize their project. The investor doesn’t receive any tangible reward in return.

REWARD BASED Crowdfunding

In this mode, funding is linked to a specific reward, which in most cases is the product or service that the company intends to create.

EQUITY BASED Crowdfunding

In this mode, non-professional investors receive shares in the company’s capital, essentially becoming shareholders of the proposing company.

LENDING BASED Crowdfunding

With this type of financing, investors are repaid over time with an agreed-upon margin, constituted by the interest on the invested amount.

Between 2018 and 2019, we used this tool to realize an ambitious project, resulting in Italy’s first Crowdfunding campaign by raised capital and the number of involved investors. We offer our consultancy and know-how to understand if your project is fundable through the engagement of small and medium investors. Together, we choose the most suitable platform to achieve your goal or create a tailored Platform for you, so you can have a direct relationship with your investors and future clients from the start, and collect all the necessary funds without paying intermediary fees.

Finance your project through Crowdfunding

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